9 Disgusting Pitfalls Of Discount Web Designs

Greg | CEO & Developer
Written on: February 10, 2024
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Discount Web Designs

What may happen when you choose to seek out discount web designs? There’s a lot at stake and I am going to take you through some of the pitfalls you may encounter if you choose this path.

First, let’s take a dive into this hot topic and see some of the impacts it may have on your online marketing as well as direct consequences to your overall financial success, or even possible failure if you’re not careful.

As an enterprising business owner, I’m sure you’re all about maximizing profits while minimizing costs. And in the quest to build an online presence on a paltry budget, the allure of seeking “discount web designs” can seem tempting. But if you don’t proceed with caution, their low prices may end up costing you dearly in lost sales, poor SEO, and damaged branding.

Have no fear, intrepid entrepreneur! Consider me your online marketing mentor, here to relay cautionary tales from the front lines of digital disasters. By learning from the mistakes of others, your website launch will avoid such horrors as:

Hidden Fees Nightmare: SEO services

You agreed to a simple $500 site design, right? Then wham—a month later comes an invoice for $2500 in “unspecified SEO services.” Many budget builders bait clients with rock-bottom rates but then nickel and dime you to death with add-ons.

ake sure all work and costs are clearly outlined upfront in a contract to avoid surprises. Don’t get swindled by shady marketers hiding behind a “low cost” curtain!

Subpar Code Calamity: The #1 Pitfall of Discount Web Designs

Speed is king in the search engine world, but Chet the Discount Designer won’t spend a dime optimizing site performance. His sites bog down slower than Internet Explorer on a 56k modem.

High load times and bad code hurt your SEO as search engines penalize sluggish sites. If a designer brags they can build fast for “a steal,” beware—they’re cutting corners that will come back to bite you. Invest in pros who prioritize speedy sites.

Broken Branding Bungle: Inconsistent messaging

Hoping for a cohesive company image? Fughetaboutit. Discount web designs are often provided by one-man bands that are lacking design skills. You’ll end up with some half-baked site sporting mismatched fonts, clashing colors, and no clear value proposition.

Confused visitors will bounce before buying. A misaligned brand hampers marketing effectiveness and long-term growth. Spare yourself branding blunders—hire an agency that “gets” your vision.

The Elephant In The House

Now let’s talk about something of huge importance.

Mobile Monstrosity: Non-responsive design

While you may not think anything when it comes to how well your website performs on mobile devices as you are admiring the beauty of it from your desktop.

But rest assured that Google is looking at it through the lens of a mobile device first.

So 2017, amirite? Yet Discount Darryl is still churning out desktop-only sites like it’s 1999. Completely neglecting the mobile-first era is shortsighted and guaranteed to hurt your conversions.

Studies show 60%+ web traffic now comes from phones. If visitors hit repetitive walls or tiny illegible text on mobile, they’re gone. Professionals grasp that optimal UX across all devices leads directly to the bank. Resist the dollar store design and get a fully-responsive site built right.

Awful Analytics Agony: No tracking setup

Without measurement, how do you know what’s working? Sadly, the bargain builder brigade has no concept of analytics. Yours churns out a pretty page but forgets to install Google Analytics, leaving you blind to traffic and behavior.

Proper tagging and goal-setting are crucial for testing campaigns and improving performance over time. Insist any designer integrate tracking from day one to actually analyze ROI on marketing spends. Data is king—don’t get a site without it!

Broken Backlink Boondoggle: No off-site optimization

Quality backlinks are the holy grail of organic rankings. Except no way is Susie the Budget Blogger taking time to craft a thoughtful off-page SEO strategy. At most, you get some slapped-together blog posts and a handful of forums comments.

This effort level gets you nowhere fast. Strong, natural backlinks take research, outreach and relationship-building. Shortchanging here dooms you to drown in search results. Invest in an experienced agency that understands link-building is the long play.

Content Catastrophe: Lacking optimized pages

A smattering of thin landing pages just won’t cut it for search. But cheapo Chad doesn’t see content as a priority, let alone understand on-page optimization tactics. Your high-intent keyword targets demand extensive, engaging articles and internal navigation.

This level of content is a full-time job. Low-budget builders care more about rapid turnaround than quality, educated copy. They just don’t get the power of optimized pages and editorial calendars for organic growth. Demand content strategy expertise if rankings are your goal.

Usability Uproar: Poor navigation & flow

Is your site as straightforward to use as a paper bag over the head? Meandering, nonhierarchical information architecture is a sure sign of an amateur layout. Navigation is critical for SEO and the user experience, directing visitors efficiently to their goals.

Most discount web designs slap pages together with no concern for intuitiveness or calls to action. You need design pros who grasp usability testing, persona mapping and goal-focused site flows. Don’t settle for confusion—invest in an easy-to-navigate customer journey.

Technical Trash Fire: Shoddy code quality

Nothing ruins your credibility quicker than a site that crashes, 404s or gets slapped with security warnings. Unfortunately, many cheap designers focus on a fast turnover rather than quality standards.

Be wary of “contract developers” building on shoestring budgets—their jury-rigged code won’t withstand normal traffic loads, let alone attacks. Insist on a developer who adheres to best practices, updates regularly and stress tests for high uptime. A few bugs is no biggie, but chronic errors are fatal for your brand perception.

In summary, while discount web designs, their hacked-together approach all but guarantees ongoing marketing mediocrity. Cutting corners rarely leads to strong optimization, conversion or growth.

By avoiding these digital debacles, you can launch a high-caliber website set up for long-term success without sinking your savings. Invest in experienced pros—the results will far outweigh any small initial savings from DIY short-term thinkers.

Your business deserves a fully loaded digital arsenal to truly flourish online. So say goodbye to lackluster losers and embrace experts focused on real ROI! The world wide web awaits your victory.

Additional Downfalls of Discount Web Designs

Here are some additional points I can expand on regarding the pitfalls of using a low budget website designer:

  • Lack of ongoing support: Budget website designers often complete the initial site build and then disappear, leaving you high and dry if any issues arise later on. You want someone invested in long-term success.
  • Gap in strategic vision: Cheap designers just implement code – they may lack marketing or analytical skills to advise on bigger picture strategies like personas, goals, campaigns etc.
  • No optimization expertise: Low cost equals low skill levels typically. They can’t optimize for search, social media changes, or evolving best practices that impact performance over time.
  • Weak creative: Design is often an afterthought when speed is prioritized over quality. Amateur templates lack professional polish and memorable branding.
  • Poor project management: Tight deadlines mean cutting communication and handoff. You get less guidance on content, launching, or ensuring it meets business needs.
  • Weak security: Budget builders often lack proper training to prevent vulnerabilities, hacking risks or comply with privacy regulations like GDPR.
  • Limited support channels: Reputable agencies devote resources to responsive support – phone, email, chat. Low-cost shortcuts frustrate customers with poor follow up.
  • Rush job mentality: Fast speeds come at the cost of thorough testing, QA processes and continual improvement post-launch that major players emphasize.

In the long run, spending a bit more upfront on experienced pros saves far more in lost revenue, wasted time fixes, and diminished brand perception versus low-cost shortcuts. Does this help provide more context around the pitfalls? Let me know if any other questions!

If you still are having questions to any of the above item’s that I have outlined for you, it would be worth your time to get in contact with our agency here at Ark Web Design and let’s talk about how we can improve your online presence and protect your brand.

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