AI In Website Design – It’s Coming For Your Job!

Greg | CEO & Developer
Written on: February 10, 2024
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AI In Website Design

Brace Yourselves, Humans – AI in website design may very well be coming for your job!

As a lowly human working in the cutthroat field of website design, I can’t help but feel a sense of impending doom hovering on the virtual horizon.

Because while we’ve been slaving away perfecting our UX skills, it seems a new threat has emerged to automate us all into obsolescence – artificial intelligence.

Yes, you heard me right folks. The bots are breaking free of their cages and coming to steal our website building livelihoods!

Soon there will be no need for mere mortals when AI can design magical machine-made websites in a fraction of the time. I mean, why hire us slow, illogical humans when algorithms can do it faster, better and CHEAPER!

We’re Merely Specks In Comparison

We’re just mere specks compared to the unfathomable processing power and insatiable learning capabilities of AI.

Before we know it, these super-intelligent robots will make Pinterst pins look like Picasso simply by analyzing millions of existing websites a millisecond. With deep neural networks studying every detail of successful sites, the bots will grasp design best practices, aesthetics and usability instantly.

While it may take us lifelong learning to master layout fundamentals like color theory, composition, typography and CTA optimization, AI in website design techniques will just download that knowledge directly into its circuit boards! No trade schools, costly design degrees or Sketch tutorials needed.

These robots are born knowing the secrets to the perfect homepage hero image, killer navigation patterns and viral social share tactics.

The Human Factoring – AI In Website Design

Whereas we mere humans require clients to clearly define goals and personas, intelligent machines will just hack into company databases to grasp the target audience after a casual midnight cyber-stalking session.

No more endless meetings or questionnaires – AI comprehensively understands customers better than they understand themselves!

With this innate comprehension, the bots’ designs will achieve unparalleled levels of strategic and emotive resonance.

Their websites will quite literally stop humans in their metaphorical digital tracks through hypnotic layouts so perfectly aligned to unconscious psychological persuasion that every visitor instinctively clicks “buy now”. Convert or die, humans!

However, there are certainly a few upsides to using AI in Website Designs.

Of course, while we slow, blundering humans require days of conscious iteration to refine wireframes and mockups, AI won’t waste a microsecond agonizing over ideas.

These bots will generate thousands of unique concepts simultaneously before rapidly self-editing down to flawless final outputs. No tedious user testing or stakeholder approvals needed either – the machines intuitively know best!

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, these merciless machines don’t demand any salary, benefits, free snacks or flexible PTO. They’ll work tirelessly around the clock without breaks, cranking out sophisticated custom sites at lightning speed dirt cheap thanks to near-zero hardware overhead. Say goodbye to profitable freelance day rates, folks!

Once let loose, the AI hordes will thoroughly dominate all creative pursuits with their hyper-intelligent designs, sparking a global unemployment crisis that puts even the industrial revolution to shame.

Ai In Website Design

Without warning, fields like graphic arts, interior decorating and – ahem – website design will become obsolete! Hello poverty, farewell passion projects. Thanks a lot, robots.

So what’s a lowly human designer to do in the face of this impending doom? I’ll let you in on a sad secret: not much. We’re simply no match for the unfathomable cognitive prowess of AI in Website Design.

We’re simply no match for the unfathomable cognitive prowess of AI. Our days are clearly numbered! But take heart, friends – at least we can hold onto our superior emotional intelligence and ability to procrastinate important tasks until the very last minute through excessive Netflix bingeing and social media scrolling. For now.

So in summary, I’d say start frantically retraining now for a post-AI career, folks. Perhaps animal ranching in isolated wilderness or competitive cake decorating.

Because mark my words, while creativity built civilization – advanced robotics may very well dismantle it. At least we had a good run as overlords of the internet. Farewell, sweet website design dreams! I’ll pour one out for our fallen digital livelihoods. The AI takeover cometh…

How Can Humans and AI Collaborate

Now that I have had a bit of fun poking at everyone who is worried about AI in website design taking away our jobs, let’s look at some ways in which we can utilize AI in our web design processes to help make things easier.

  • AI assists with initial concept generation – Bots rapidly come up with a wide variety of design concepts for humans to review and refine. This boosts creativity.
  • AI handles routine tasks – Things like responsive device testing, cross-browser compatibility checks, accessibility audits can be automated to free up human designers.
  • AI makes recommendations – Machine learning analyzes vast design data to recommend trends, colors, layouts that typically perform well for a given business type or goal.
  • AI handles initial drafts – Bots put together basic page structures, wireframes, or components like headers/footers based on brief so designers can focus on customization.
  • AI optimizes for key metrics – Advanced algorithms could A/B test minute visual/text changes to perfectly optimize pages for goals like clicks, time on site, conversions.
  • AI predicts usability issues – By studying analytics and user behavior data, bots flag potential friction points on a page for human UX specialists to improve.
  • AI generates placeholder content – Early filler text and assets get populated while humans develop high-quality unique content at their leisurely pace.
  • AI automates repetitive tasks – Things like icon creation, pattern/shape variations, basic photo/graphic editing jobs can scale up quickly with AI.
  • AI handles ongoing changes – People focus on new projects while automation keeps existing sites compliant with updates like browser shifts.

The key is AI handling more routine, tedious work so humans can focus their superior strategic, creative problem-solving skills on bigger issues. Together, the benefits of both man and machine could be greater than either alone!

Here’s a big question. Will using AI in website designs replace human beings?

As pointed out in the article I linked to just above, AI lacks that human touch. Although there are some pretty amazing tools out there that have gone a long way in reducing the time in developing a complex website design, it still requires that human spirit.

When designing a website that is based on a local business, AI may know a few things. However, it certainly will not replace that local website developer who knows the heartbeat of your community.

So it’s safe for all web developers to sit back and take a load of your mind. However, you may want to invite your AI buddy to join you for a beer as you kick back and take a load of your mind.

You never know what the two of you may come up with.

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