AI Website Design – Unleashed Negative Consequences

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Written on: January 17, 2024
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AI Website Design

Let’s look into whether having an AI website design will help or hurt your online presence.

AI is a term that comes up in nearly every conversation when it comes to web design and development.

AI certainly can be a powerful tool to have in your arsenal. However, you need to have a deep understanding of its usage and where it is appropriate to use without causing you any additional headaches that you may not have seen coming.

AI Website Design – The Quick & Easy

If you’ve spent any amount of time on nearly all of the social networks, you are constantly being bombarded with advertisements about getting an AI website design done for next to nothing.

Sure I can direct you to several options that will allow you to spin up a website quickly using nothing more than AI, but here’s where a myriad of headaches begin to unveil themselves.

While merely giving some AI website design tools a couple of words about your business or website you’re wanting, and just like that, you have a design in front of you.

But wait. Here’s where the challenges begin to rear their ugly little heads.

In a previous article I had posted about the negative impacts of AI generated websites, more things are starting to become clear as to where many of the issues may begin to appear.

Diving Deeper Into AI Website Design

For anyone who has ever developed, designed, or thinking of doing any of the above, one of the questions you should have asked yourself is how to get traffic to your website.

Keep in mind, that while AI can deliver a quick website design for you, it doesn’t know you nor does it know your intended audience.

A website without a voice designed to reach your intended audience is pretty much like having a car without a steering wheel in it.

It’s going to take you nowhere.

Then having an AI website design, you need to be concerned about whether or not the content that has been generated for you may find yourself in a copyright violation based upon someone who has a similar site and has established copyrights on it. If the content is perceived as low-quality, spammy, or deceptive, it may impact the website’s search rankings negatively (this is taken from a question asked in ChatGPT.)

Empower Your Website Design

To truly provide your website with the power it needs to be successful, you need to be able to understand your intended audience and the market in which you are trying to attract it.

I can assuredly promise you, that you will need a local website developer who understands your market and can gain an understanding of the demographics of the audience you want to pull into your website.

Press 1 For Understanding

When I visit a website that I can without hesitation determine is powered by AI, I immediately feel the same way I do when I am calling a local business and am immediately greeted by an automated operator trying to guide me to the right department. It never lands me in the right spot!

They just don’t seem to understand my immediate needs. It’s the same way with website content that has been generated with AI.

Let’s face it, we live in an on-demand society. We’ve become used to being able to get to things on the web or within an app within seconds of being on it.

This is where a website that has been designed along with its content using an AI text generation tool that things quickly become lost and so do the visitors using the website.

It doesn’t understand you and what it is that you came looking for.

Proper Use of AI Website Design Tools

Do not get me wrong, I can see some positives with using AI tools correctly.

They, however, should not be the end-all to be all. I know several very influential web developers who utilize AI tools as a part of their web development stack.

They can be great for trying to write some code that maybe you’re just stuck on, or even provide you with some contextual ideas to use as a jumping-off point.

Again, knowing when to use them and implement them into a website design is crucial and will ultimately determine how well your website will come across to the general public.

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