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Written on: March 20, 2023
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Using AI Content on your website

Should you be using AI Content for your website? It’s a huge question and one that has varying opinions based on who you ask.

With the introduction of amazing AI content generators such as ChatGPT, Bertha, and other powerful AI content generating tools, should you rely on them for your content that appears on your website.

I have been playing around with a variety of AI content generators and have found them to be quite impressive when it comes to delivering the content as close to what I have placed into the prompt fields.

For anyone who either writes a plethora of blogs either for yourself or possibly a client, coming up with fresh content can be daunting at times.

We all experience writer’s block and just are unable to force ourselves to come up with a really catchy idea for an article or other online content.

Using AI content to help provide you with some guidelines or even as a push to help you write an article is absolutely a wonderful idea.’

Using AI Content – Verbatim or No?

Here is where people can get themselves stuck when it comes to using AI content on their website.

It’s super tempting to want to just use the copy and paste feature and pull over whatever amazing AI generated content you may have just written.

But wait.

Let’s think about this for a minute. Where is it that any AI content generator is pulling its content from?

You guessed it. The AI content you just created using any set of prompts in any of the AI generators is pulling content from what it has found across the web.

If you choose to pull it verbatim into your website, you may very well find yourself getting strikes from the Google gods, or possibly even find yourself in a plagiarism lawsuit.

Nobody likes a copycat. It’s perfectly okay to use any AI content generating tool to help give you some ideas, but it is absolutely essential that you take that generated content and translate it into your own words, or a very close replica of it.

Checking Your AI Content

As noted in earlier sections within this post, I feel it would be essential that you check your AI generated content to both check it for possible plagiarism as well as authenticity. You can certainly do so here.

Okay, so now you have created and generated some amazing content but you want it to sound more like your own voice, instead of how it may appear as provided by any ChatBot.

This is super easy.

You can take your content that was just generated and paste it into Quillbot and past your text into there and have it rephrase it to more of your liking in regards to wording. I want to throw in that Quillbot will allow you so may words for FREE, however, I highly encourage you to jump on the paid subscription to truly get the most of this amazing and powerful tool.

Check out the video below to get a better understanding of using a tool like Quillbot if you haven’t heard of them. Trust me when I say it can be a huge gamechanger in how you word your articles or content.

Quillbot truly changed how I looked at my content.

Will Using AI Content Replace Content Creators?

Absolutely not. What it will do, though, is provide those who struggle to create unique content with a comprehensive set of tools to enable them to up their game in the content they are delivering to their audience.

Plus with other amazing tools coming into play such as MidJourney and other AI Photo tools, this truly will help people to create a deliver more creative and stunning content.

This truly will help content creators on all levels a new playing field in which to be able to create and make their content stand out from others.

Game on!

Will It Affect Your Google Rankings

When it comes to SEO and how long it takes to get ranked, I’m not going to pretend to be an expert at this level.

Again, I believe if you take the AI generated content and convert it into your own phrasing, or using a tool such as Quillbot, using it shouldn’t have any bearing on your Google rankings.

In addition, even Google is currently working on their own version of Chat GPT.

If there is one thing I am most certain of, that is the fact that AI content will become an integral part of our daily lives and the content we take in, whether we realize it or not.

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